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What Are These Changes?

The full site has been archived as it's unknown as to whether this website is still wanted (though as far as I know, the Portal is still sanctioned as the official fansite). Since the aspects of maintaining a website persist regardless of whatever may be the surrounding circumstances, practical adjustments for the interim have been made.

I developed the Portal because there turned out be a need and desire for it. As time went on the response increased from various directions and, as a result, I expanded on the Portal's size and scope to match the demand. I'm happy that it is considered the source for up-to-date information and has the reputation of being both reliable and fun.

The recent archiving was also done to maintain a standard. The usefulness of any site depends on it being current, informative and interesting. The Portal has never been stagnant and I've made every effort to keep it worthwhile.

There have been inquiries from before and since the archiving, and I genuinely appreciate the sentiments. I simply do not know at this time if it will return to the same extent. I've kept some features up for fans to make use of such as the discussion area (tag board), the guest book and the TV listings. Should I acquire any news, I'll pass it along as well.

I can still be reached at the usual email address. My thanks and appreciation to all.

2004 VK Fan Portal