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Vladimir Kulich is originally from Prague and was introduced to the theatre at an early age by way of an uncle who ran a state theatre company. He went on to hone his craft at the State Theatre of Czechoslovakia and eventually brought his rich cultural background, experience and versatility (he is fluent in several languages) to Canada and the US, where he was immediately cast in various roles.

Vladimir has guest starred in many popular television series and has appeared in over a dozen films. Most notable of which is his stand-out performance as the Viking chieftain Buliwyf in The Thirteenth Warrior (Touchstone 1999), which earned him widespread accolades from movie critics and fans alike.

Recently, Vladimir achieved a new wave of success with his recurring role on The WB's television series, Angel. His character, an apocalyptic demon known as "The Beast," was pivotal to the main story arc of the series' fourth season.



2000   Dead Silence as "Joseph", Waldo West Productions
1999   The Thirteenth Warrior as "Buliwyf", Touchstone Pictures
1998   Firestorm as "Karge", 20th Century Fox
1996   Pandora's Clock (TV) as "Terrorist"
1995   Crash aka Breach of Trust as "Floyd Bracco", Bad Boy Films
1994   Decoy as "Daniel"
1994   Deceptions II: Edge of Deception as "Allan Stadler"
1994   Crackerjack as "Stephan", Excalibur Pictures
1994   Red Scorpion 2 as "Hans"


2002   Angel as "The Beast", episodes 4.7 - 4.12
1998   Seven Days as "Ivan", episode 2.7 "Sister's Keeper"
1994   M.A.N.T.I.S. as "Liakos", episode 1.6 "Gloves Off"
1993   The X Files as "Olafsson", episode 2.19 "Dod Kalm"
1992   Highlander as "Pauling", episode 1.6 "Bad Day in Bldg A"
1991   The Commish as "Otto", ep. 2.1/2.2 "Adventures in the Skin Trade"
1991   Neon Rider episodes 0.1/0.2 "Dude: Part One & Part Two"
1990   Booker as "Craven", episode 1.7 "Flat Out"
1989   Wiseguy as "Scarpo", episode 3.1 "Rightful Place"
1987   MacGyver as "Mammon", eps. 5.1/ 5.2 "Legend of the Holy Rose"
1985   MacGyver as "Hans Kreese", episode 4.1 "Fraternity of Thieves"

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